Ozone therapy is the application of medical ozone through minimal punctures or direct application for therapeutic purposes to improve the functioning of organs and tissues, treating multiple diseases.

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Medical ozone has antiseptic properties (it is one of the most powerful germicides, acting against fungi, bacteria and viruses), analgesic and anti-inflammatory, modulating and stimulating the immune system and also improves peripheral circulation and tissue oxygenation due to the fact that favors the transfer of oxygen by hemoglobin.

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Ozone is useful in a wide number of pathologies, both in isolation and in combined treatments, such as the application of ozone therapy and revascularization (restoration of blood flow).

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The concentrations and mode of application vary greatly depending on the problem to be treated, since the concentration of ozone determines the type of biological effect it produces and the mode of application marks its scope in the body. It can be applied intravenously, locally, subcutaneously, intramuscularly, or intra-articularly. Ozone has NO side effects of any kind.

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The Ozone Therapy Unit offers different treatments based on the application of an ozone / oxygen mixture for various pathologies, this being a technique that offers multiple advantages, among which stands out as a safe, natural, outpatient method and that offers the possibility of repeating the treatment cycles according to the needs of each patient.


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